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11.10.17   21:01

Ukraine: EU supports digital training for women entrepreneurs in Chernihiv

Effective digital marketing and the possibilities offered by digital communications were the focus of an EU-supported training module for women entrepreneurs which was held in the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv on 9-10 October.
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30.05.16   21:50

United territorial communities in Chernihiv region provide free legal aid

Deputies of the Desnyansky united community of Kozelets district adopted the Program on provision of free legal aid to the population of the district in 2016 – 2018.

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30.03.16   22:02

Seventeen residents of Chernihiv region received status of victims of human trafficking

How do the state and NGOs of Chernihiv region counteract modern slavery? And how effectively are they doing this? Because 17 people were granted the status of victims of human trafficking in Chernihiv region for the period of two years.

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21.09.15   21:56

To save budget funds, victims of the Chornobyl disaster in Chernihiv were unlawfully deprived of their rights

Over 70 citizens of the Region of Chernihiv, who were disabled due to the disaster at the ChNPS, have been unlawfully deprived the status of Chornobyl participants by the local government. Most of them suffer from thyroid cancer.

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13.09.15   22:31

To start life anew in Chernihiv: complicated divorce of the displaced woman from Donetsk region

To stop suffering from her husband’s cheating and to start a new chapter in her life – that was a decision of the displaced woman from Makiivka, who asked for legal aid in Chernihiv Community Law Center.

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07.11.14   15:09

Thousands Getting Legal Aid in Chernihiv Region

Political turmoil, civil war, and economic collapse have left thousands of Ukrainians in desperate circumstances. Chernihiv Public Committee for Human Rights Protection (ChPCHRP) continues to serve their legal needs, redressing human rights violations, securing governmental services for villagers, and assisting those displaced by the conflict.

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21.10.14   00:04

The Legal Aid Programme is adopted in Chernihiv region

Chernihiv regional council has made an important decision for the people of the region on 1 October 2014. During the session the deputies voted for the adoption of “The programme of legal education and providing of free primary legal aid to the people of Chernihiv region in 2014-2016”. This progressive decision is the result of cooperation between the specialists of Community Law Center of Chernihiv public committee of human rights protection and deputies, officials of regional council.

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17.10.14   23:54

Family members of ATO participants are not paying for housing and communal services in Chernihiv region

Recently, the initiative of freeing members of families of anti-terrorist operation zone (ATO) participants from paying for housing and communal services is spreading in Ukraine. Local authorities of Chernihiv region are participating as well.

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05.09.14   14:51

How to fight corruption during mobilization

Chernihiv local recruitment office together with public activists has launched a hot line for victims of corruption during mobilization.

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