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28.08.2014   15:42Чернігівський громадський комітет захисту прав людини

Public activists control Chernihiv recruitment office

Representatives of Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights conducted a monitoring of medical examinations of mobilized persons.

The third stage of mobilization has started in Ukraine. Chernihiv recruitment office has a lot of work. Public activists try to control this process. Alla Lepekha, the representative of Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights together with Viktor Tarasov, Head of Chernihiv Community Law Center, conducted a series of monitoring visits to Chernihiv recruitment office.

Members of the monitoring visits talked with the Head of the office, examined documents and relevant materials, observed how mobilization is conducted. Special attention was given to medical examinations and medical assistance to soldiers.

Alla Lepekha and Viktor Tarasov checked that every future soldiers is examined by a psychologist, dentist, neurologist, dermatologist, surgeon, ophthalmologist and, if needed, other doctors. Mobilized persons have to get their analysis and X-ray done. Moreover, men aged 40+ have to check their heart and blood pressure. Monitors have also talked to doctors and medical workers of the commission. Out of 105 mobilized persons, only four were deemed inept to serve in the army.

First monitoring visit was conducted on 14 August 2014 to “Desna” training center #169. This visit was organized by the representatives of Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights. Several issues were noted by monitors. Soldiers complained that medical assistance is insufficient. Medical examination is very formal. People with serious disabilities are mobilized and have to serve in the army, risking their life. However, members of monitoring groups were satisfied with premises used for medical examinations. Soldiers expressed positive and patriotic thoughts about their work and the future of our country.

Following the results of monitoring visits, Alla Lepekha and Viktor Tarasov will prepare an information notice on the situation. A short brochure on the rights of mobilized soldiers will be published. This brochure will be forwarded to high-ranked military officials and distributed publicly in Chernihiv region.


To get legal consultations on matters of mobilization, social protection of soldiers and their families, please, contact:

- Regional coordinator of Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights: (04622) 4-83-26(04622) 4-83-26

- Chernihiv public committee of human rights protection (Chernihiv Community Law Center) (0462) 612-532(0462) 612-532



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