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27.04.2010   15:03Чернігівський громадський комітет захисту прав людини


The first deputy head of the Chief investigation department of the Interior Ministry Vasyl Topchii, ordered to guard the places where the murders were committed. One of the officials of Interior Ministry noticed at the scene of action a guy who looked like a wanted. He was detained.

According to the head of the press-service of Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmitry Andreev, who was arrested – was born in 1988 with schizophrenia. This person is registered in the mental hospital and held there in January survey.

According to Andreev, the suspect “an ardent supporter of the ideas of fascism and its crimes, he timed the birthday of Hitler. He added that the police could not yet give the name and the name of the suspect since begun investigations.

The guy, Oleksandr S., lived nearby. His mother told that he was a member of an informal union of neo-Nazis. And his future victim, an old woman, who lived in the shed, sewed him all the attributes of Nazism. The murderer knew her well, he lived nearby.

Oleksandr S. was included into the list of suspects made by investigators. And when he was noticed at the scene, law enforcers went to his house to search. There they found sneakers. The traces coincided with the traces at the site of two murders. Sneakers were washed off, but the blood remained. The same was with his cloth.

Initially, the detainee was silent. Law enforcers thought that he was under influence of drugs, but the doctor denied it (although in 2006 Oleksandr was convicted for possession of drugs). The doctor said it was just depression. Then his condition turned into hysterics, crying. When the guy calmed down, he began to tell the details of the incidents. According to him, the voice ordered him to go out and kill anyone who would be on the road. The guy lived with his mother in an urban apartment. In January he had been treated in mental hospital for schizophrenia.

Oleksandr cleaned the shovel from the blood and threw it away in the evening. It was found before his arrest, during combing. The shovel was identified by the relatives of the first victim. The maniac took it from the man.

On Tuesday, April 20, Oleksandr went wandering in search of victims. He went into a cottage array, where he saw an old man in the kitchen garden. He took his shovel and then killed the old man. Then he went to his district with the shovel in the hand (Tolstoho Street in Chernihiv) and hid in the shed of the old woman whom he knew. The woman went into the shed and then the maniac attacked her and hit with a shovel. When she fell, he finished her off.

Then the guy went down the path to the dachas and he met a 45-year-old man, also hit him with a shovel, but he screamed and the maniac ran away (the man survived). Then Oleksandr went to the private sector, where shops worked. He was going there for an hour and a half (he was seen by two witnesses). And then, at about 10:00 pm, he met a woman, returning from the shop home with the bag of food (her husband had birthday). She became his latest victim. And at 10:30 pm Oleksandr went home.

On April 21 he was detained.


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